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     pg_upgrade.sh - database upgrade script from PostgreSQL  8.1
     to 8.2

     pg_upgrade.sh  [-m]  [-s   old-datadir]   [-d   new-datadir]
     pg_upgrade.sh [-h|--help]

     The pg_upgrade.sh script is a utility which converts a data-
     base  cluster  created  by PostgreSQL version 8.1 to version
     8.2.      Full     path      to      the      script      is
     /usr/postgres/upgrade/bin/pg_upgrade.sh .

     This script will copy data from an existing  PostgreSQL  8.1
     database (given with the -s switch), create a new PostgreSQL
     8.2 database (in a directory given by the  -d  switch),  and
     populate it with the data from the PostgreSQL 8.1 database.

     Please backup your PostgreSQL data directory before  upgrad-
     ing with pg_upgrade.sh.

     The upgrade process copies  pg_hba.conf  and  pg_indent.conf
     into  the  new data directory. The postgresql.conf is copied
     as postgresql.conf.old and it is necessary to manually setup
     the new postgresql.conf, else the default configuration will
     be used.

     -m   Move data files instead of copying them (copy  mode  is
          default, as it is considered safer).

     -s old-datadir
          The directory where the PostgreSQL 8.1 database cluster
          resides.    The   default   value   is   given  in  the
          PG_OLD_DATADIR environment variable.

     -d new-datadir
          Directory where the  PostgreSQL  8.2  database  cluster
          should be stored.  The pg_upgrade.sh script will create
          the  database  in  this  directory  (run  initdb).  The
          default  value  is given in the PG_NEW_DATADIR environ-
          ment variable.

     -h, --help
          Show help on how to use the command.

     The upgrade utility uses standard predefined path for  Post-
     greSQL  database  cluster  and  binaries. These paths can be
     redefined by the following environment variables:

     Variable        Description
     PG_OLD_BINDIR   Binary directory for PostgreSQL 8.1
     PG_OLD_DATADIR  Data directory for PostgreSQL 8.1 database cluster
     PG_NEW_BINDIR   Binary directory for PostgreSQL 8.2
     PG_NEW_DATADIR  Data directory where upgraded database will be placed.
     PG_UPG_CFG      Directory for configuration files

     Default values:

     Variable        Default value
     PG_OLD_BINDIR   /usr/postgres/upgrade/81/bin
     PG_OLD_DATADIR  /var/lib/pgsql
     PG_NEW_BINDIR   /usr/postgres/8.2/bin
     PG_NEW_DATADIR  /var/postgres/8.2/data
     PG_UPG_CFG      /usr/postgres/upgrade/etc/

     Upgrade does not support data types inet and cidr.  If these
     data types are used in a database standard upgrade procedure
     must  be  performed.  (see  PostgreSQL   documentation   and

     Table, schema, database, view and  tablespace  names  cannot
     contain  "|"  (pipe),  "'" (single quote) or "\" (backslash)

     This script can only be used for updating a PostgreSQL data-
     base  in place. It will not update a database and simultane-
     ously move it from one computer to another computer.

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-
    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWpostgres-upgrade        |
    | Interface Stability         | Volatile                    |

     initdb(1),     pg_ctl(1),      postgres(1),      pg_dump(1),
     pg_restore(1), postgres_82(5)


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