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     volmissing - notify user that volume requested is not in the
     CD-ROM or floppy drive

     /usr/lib/vold/volmissing [-c] [-p] [-s] [-m alias]

     volmissing informs a user when a  requested  volume  is  not
     available.   Depending  on  the  option  selected, users are
     notified through their console window,   syslogd(1M),  or  a
     mail message.

     volmissing -p is the default action taken by  vold(1M),  the
     Volume  Management  daemon,  when  it needs to notify a user
     that the requested volume is not available.  If you want  to
     change  this  default event, modify the /etc/vold.conf file.
     See vold.conf(4).

     You can change the notification method for  your  system  by
     editing the vold.conf configuration file and providing a new
     option for  volmissing in the notify entry under the  Events

     -c              Send  a  message  to  the   user's   console
                     requesting  the  volume  be inserted. To end
                     the  notification  without   inserting   the
                     requested volume, use volcancel(1).

     -p              All  volmissing  events  will   be   handled
                     through  a  GUI, provided a window system is
                     running on the console.  If this  option  is
                     specified,  and no window system is running,
                     all messages go to the system console.

     -s              Send one message to the  syslogd(1M).

     -m alias        Send a mail message to  the  specified  mail
                     alias about the missing volume.

     /etc/vold.conf                          Volume    Management
                                             daemon configuration
                                             file.  Directs   the
                                             Volume    Management
                                             daemon  to   control
                                             certain devices, and
                                             causes action to  be
                                             taken  when specific
                                             criteria is met.

     /usr/lib/vold/volmissing_popup          Pop-up used when the
                                             -p  option  is  sup-
                                             plied and  a  window
                                             system is running.

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWvolu                    |

     volcancel(1),   volcheck(1),    rmmount(1M),    syslogd(1M),
     vold(1M),    rmmount.conf(4),  vold.conf(4),  attributes(5),

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