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     apache - Apache hypertext transfer protocol server overview

     apache consists of a main  server  daemon,  loadable  server
     modules,  some  additional  support utilities, configuration
     files, and documentation.

     The apache HTTPD server is integrated with Solaris.

     The following files specify the installation  locations  for

     /etc/apache            Contains server configuration files.

                            A  newly-installed  server  must   be
                            manually configured before use. Typi-
                            cally    this    involves     copying
                            httpd.conf-example  to the httpd.conf
                            file and making  local  configuration

     /usr/apache/bin        Contains the httpd executable as well
                            as other utility programs.

     /usr/apache/htdocs     Contains the Apache  manual  in  HTML
                            format.  This documentation is acces-
                            sible by way of a link on the  server
                            test  page  that  gets installed upon
                            fresh installation.

     /usr/apache/include    Contains  the  Apache  header  files,
                            which are needed for building various
                            optional   server   extensions   with

     /usr/apache/jserv      Contains    documention    for    the
                            mod_jserv  java servlet module. Docu-
                            mention  can  be  read  with  a   web
                            browser using the url:


     /usr/apache/libexec    Contains loadable modules (DSOs) sup-
                            plied  with  the  server. Any modules
                            which are added using apxs(8)are also
                            copied into this directory.

     /usr/apache/man        Contains man pages  for  the  server,
                            utility programs, and mod_perl.

                            Add this directory to your MANPATH to
                            read the Apache man pages. See NOTES.

     /usr/apache/perl5      Contains  the  modules  and   library
                            files  used by the mod_perl extension
                            to Apache.

     /var/apache/cgi-bin    Default location for the CGI scripts.

                            This can be changed by  altering  the
                            httpd.conf  file  and  restarting the

     /var/apache/htdocs     Default document root.

                            This can be changed by  altering  the
                            httpd.conf  file  and  restarting the

     /var/apache/icons      Icons used by the server.

                            This normally shouldn't  need  to  be

     /var/apache/logs       Contains server log files.

                            The formats, names, and locations  of
                            the  files  in  this directory can be
                            altered  by   various   configuration
                            directives in the httpd.conf file.

     /var/apache/proxy      Directory used to cache pages if  the
                            caching   feature   of  mod_proxy  is
                            enabled in the httpd.conf file.

                            The location of the cache can also be
                            changed   by   changing   the   proxy
                            configuration in the httpd.conf file.

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWapchr                   |
    |                             | SUNWapchu                   |
    |                             | SUNWapchd                   |



     In addition to the documentation and man pages included with
     Solaris,     more     information     is     available    at

     The Apache man  pages  are  provided  with  the  programming
     modules.  To  view  the  manual pages for the Apache modules
     with the man command, add  /usr/apache/man  to  the  MANPATH
     environment  variable. See man(1) for more information. Run-
     ning catman(1M) on the Apache manual pages is not supported.

Man pages from Solaris 10 Update 8. See docs.sun.com and www.oracle.com for further documentation and Solaris information.