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     cachefsd - CacheFS daemon


     The  cachefsd  server  implements  features  of  the   cache
     filesystem  (CacheFS). It is invoked at boot time and run if
     the / (root) and /usr filesystems are being cached. If  /usr
     is  being  cached,  cachefsd  is  invoked  by inetd(1M) from
     inetd.conf(4). At run time, cachefsd is invoked by the inetd
     mechanism  in response to an RPC request from a user command
     such as mount_cachefs(1M).

     The cachefsd server  supports  the  "disconnected  mode"  of
     CacheFS.  In  this  mode,  a  user can continue to read and,
     depending on the option selected, write to files in a cached
     filesystem  when  the NFS server for the cached files is not

     The cachefsd daemon performs the following functions in sup-
     port of the CacheFS:

       o  Implements the connection policy. The daemon determines
          whether  the  NFS server backing the cache is connected
          or disconnected from the cache,  or  is  in  transition
          from the connected or disconnected states.

       o  Implements "log rolling," wherein the daemon monitors a
          disconnected  NFS server for reconnection. After such a
          server returns to a connected state, cachefsd rolls any
          local  changes  to cached files (kept in a log) back to
          the server.

       o  Manages "packing," wherein cachefsd makes a best effort
          to  ensure  that  files  in  a  user-specified list are
          available in the cache in disconnected mode.

       o  Supports  user  interfaces  by  supplying   statistics,
          reporting  conflicts  between  the  cache  and the back
          filesystem, and supporting a list of files for packing.

     The running of cachefsd is  required  for  the  disconnected
     mode of CacheFS.

     The following options are supported:

     -r              Used  for  invoking  cachefsd  for   the   /

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWcsu                     |

     cachefspack(1M),      cfsadmin(1M),       mount_cachefs(1M),
     inetd.conf(4), attributes(5)

     System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

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