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     in.comsat, comsat - biff server


     comsat is the server process which listens  for  reports  of
     incoming  mail  and  notifies users who have requested to be
     told  when  mail  arrives.  It  is  invoked  as  needed   by
     inetd(1M), and times out if inactive for a few minutes.

     comsat listens on a datagram port associated with  the  biff
     service  specification  (see  services(4)) for one line mes-
     sages of the form


     If the user specified is logged in to  the  system  and  the
     associated  terminal has the owner execute bit turned on (by
     a biff y), the offset is used as  a  seek  offset  into  the
     appropriate mailbox file, and the first 7 lines or 560 char-
     acters of the message are printed on  the  user's  terminal.
     Lines  which  appear  to be part of the message header other
     than the From, To,  Date, or Subject lines are  not  printed
     when displaying the message.

     /var/adm/utmpx  user access and administration information

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWrcmds                   |

     svcs(1),  inetadm(1M),  inetd(1M),   svcadm(1M),services(4),
     attributes(5), smf(5)

     The message header filtering is prone to error.

     The in.comsat service is managed by the  service  management
     facility, smf(5), under the service identifier:


     Administrative actions on this service,  such  as  enabling,
     disabling,  or  requesting  restart,  can be performed using
     svcadm(1M). Responsibility  for  initiating  and  restarting
     this  service  is delegated to inetd(1M). Use inetadm(1M) to
     make configuration changes and to view configuration  infor-
     mation for this service. The service's status can be queried
     using the svcs(1) command.

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