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     drvconfig - apply permission and ownership changes  to  dev-

     drvconfig   [-bn]   [-a alias_name]    [-c class_name]    [-
     i drivername] [-m major_num] [-r root_dir]

     devfsadm(1M) is now the preferred command and should be used
     instead of drvconfig.

     The default operation of drvconfig is  to  apply  permission
     and  ownership changes to devices. Normally, this command is
     run automatically after a  new  driver  has  been  installed
     (with add_drv(1M)) and the system has been rebooted.

     The following options are supported:

     -aalias_name    Add the  name  alias_name  to  the  list  of
                     aliases  that  this driver is known by. This
                     option, if used, must be used  with  the  -m
                     major_num,  the  -b  and  the  -i drivername

     -b              Add a new major number to name binding  into
                     the  kernel's internal name_to_major tables.
                     This option is not normally  used  directly,
                     but  is  used  by  other  utilities  such as
                     add_drv(1M). Use of the -b  option  requires
                     that  -i  and  -m  be used also. No /devices
                     entries are created.

     -cclass_name    The driver being added to the system exports
                     the  class  class_name.  This  option is not
                     normally used directly, but is used by other
                     utilities.  It  is  only effective when used
                     with the -b option.

     -idrivername    Only configure the  devices  for  the  named
                     driver.  The  following  options are used by
                     the  implementation   of   add_drv(1M)   and
                     rem_drv(1M),  and  may  not  be supported in
                     future versions of Solaris:

     -mmajor_num     Specify the major number major_num for  this
                     driver  to add to the kernel's name_to_major
                     binding tables.

     -n              Do not try to load and attach  any  drivers,
                     or  if the -i option is given, do not try to
                     attach the driver named drivername.

     -rroot_dir      Perform operations  under  root_dir,  rather
                     than directly under root.

     0               Successful completion.

     non-zero        An error occurred.

     /devices                Device nodes directory

     /etc/minor_perm         Minor mode permissions

     /etc/name_to_major      Major number binding

     /etc/driver_classes     Driver class binding file

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWcsu                     |

     sh(1), add_drv(1M), modinfo(1M), modload(1M), modunload(1M),
     rem_drv(1M), update_drv(1M), path_to_inst(4), attributes(5),

Man pages from Solaris 10 Update 8. See docs.sun.com and www.oracle.com for further documentation and Solaris information.