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     in.tftpd, tftpd - Internet Trivial  File  Transfer  Protocol

     in.tftpd [-d] [-T rexmtval] [-s] [homedir]

     tftpd is a server that supports the  Internet  Trivial  File
     Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

     Before responding to  a  request,  the  server  attempts  to
     change  its current directory to homedir; the default direc-
     tory is /tftpboot.

     The use of tftp does not require an account or  password  on
     the  remote system. Due to the lack of authentication infor-
     mation, in.tftpd will allow only publicly readable files  to
     be accessed. Files may be written only if they already exist
     and are publicly writable. Note that this extends  the  con-
     cept  of "public" to include all users on all hosts that can
     be reached through the network. This may not be  appropriate
     on  all  systems,  and its implications should be considered
     before enabling this service.

     in.tftpd  runs  with  the  user  ID  and  group  ID  set  to
     [GU]ID_NOBODY  under the assumption that no files exist with
     that owner or group. However, nothing checks this assumption
     or enforces this restriction.

     -d             Debug. When specified it  sets  the  SO_DEBUG
                    socket option.

     -s             Secure. When specified, the directory  change
                    to  homedir  must  succeed.  The  daemon also
                    changes its root directory to homedir.

     -T rexmtval    Specifies the  value  of  the  retransmission
                    timeout  in  seconds.  This  also affects the
                    maximum session timeout in that the latter is
                    set  to five times the retransmission timeout

     The in.tftpd server is IPv6-enabled. See ip6(7P).

     in.tftpd supports transfers of greater than 32 MB,  per  RFC

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWtftp                    |

     svcs(1),  tftp(1),   inetadm(1M),   inetd(1M),   svcadm(1M),
     netconfig(4), attributes(5), smf(5), ip6(7P)

     Malkin, G. and Harkin, A. RFC 2347, TFTP  Option  Extension.
     The Internet Society. May 1998

     Malkin, G. and Harkin, A. RFC 2348, TFTP  Blocksize  Option.
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     Malkin, G. and Harkin, A. RFC 2349,  TFTP  Timeout  Interval
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     Sollins, K.R. RFC 1350, The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2). Net-
     work Working Group. July 1992.

     The tftpd server only acknowledges the transfer size  option
     that  is  sent  with  a read request when the octet transfer
     mode is specified.

     The in.tftpd.1m service is managed by the service management
     facility, smf(5), under the service identifier:


     Administrative actions on this service,  such  as  enabling,
     disabling,  or  requesting  restart,  can be performed using
     svcadm(1M). Responsibility  for  initiating  and  restarting
     this  service  is delegated to inetd(1M). Use inetadm(1M) to
     make configuration changes and to view configuration  infor-
     mation for this service. The service's status can be queried
     using the svcs(1) command.

     Unlike most smf(5) services, a manifest for the tftp service
     is not included in the system. To create one and enable this
     service, the administrator should:

         1.   Edit /etc/inet/inetd.conf and  uncomment  the  tftp

         2.   Run /usr/sbin/inetconv.

     After you run inetconv,  the  svc:/network/tftp/udp6:default
     service is created and enabled.

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