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     lurename - change the name of a boot environment

     /usr/sbin/lurename -e BE_name -n new_name [-l error_log]
         [-o outfile] [-X]

     The lurename command is part of a  suite  of  commands  that
     make  up  the  Live Upgrade feature of the Solaris operating
     environment. See live_upgrade(5) for a  description  of  the
     Live Upgrade feature.

     The lurename  command  renames  the  boot  environment  (BE)
     BE_name to new_name.

     The string new_name must not exceed 30 characters in  length
     and  must  consist only of alphanumeric characters and other
     ASCII characters that are not special to the Unix shell. See
     the "Quoting" section of sh(1). The BE name can contain only
     single-byte, 8-bit characters. It cannot contain  whitespace
     characters. Also, new_name must be unique on the system.

     A BE must have the status "complete" before you  rename  it.
     Use  lustatus(1M) to determine a BE's status. Also, you can-
     not  rename  a  BE  that  has  file  systems  mounted   with
     lumount(1M) or mount(1M).

     Renaming a BE is often useful when you upgrade the  BE  from
     one  Solaris  release  to another. For example, following an
     operating system upgrade, you might rename the  BE  solaris7
     to solaris8.

     The lurename command requires root privileges.

     The lurename command has the options listed below.

     -e BE_name      Name of  the  BE  whose  name  you  want  to

     -l error_log    Error  and  status  messages  are  sent   to
                     error_log,  in  addition  to  where they are
                     sent in your current environment.

     -n new_name     New name of the BE. new_name must be  unique
                     on a given system.

     -o outfile      All command output is sent  to  outfile,  in
                     addition to where it is sent in your current

     -X              Enable XML output.  Characteristics  of  XML
                     are       defined       in      DTD,      in
                     where <num> is the version number of the DTD

     The following exit values are returned:

     0     Successful completion.

     >0    An error occurred.


         list of BEs on the system


         Live Upgrade DTD (see -X option)

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWluu                     |

     luactivate(1M), lucancel(1M),  lucompare(1M),  lucreate(1M),
     lucurr(1M),    ludelete(1M),    ludesc(1M),    lufslist(1M),
     lumake(1M),   lumount(1M),   lustatus(1M),    luupgrade(1M),
     lutab(4), attributes(5), live_upgrade(5)

Man pages from Solaris 10 Update 8. See docs.sun.com and www.oracle.com for further documentation and Solaris information.