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     pwconv - installs and updates /etc/shadow  with  information
     from /etc/passwd


     The pwconv command  creates  and  updates  /etc/shadow  with
     information from /etc/passwd.

     pwconv relies on a special value  of  'x'  in  the  password
     field  of  /etc/passwd. This value of 'x' indicates that the
     password for the user is already in /etc/shadow  and  should
     not be modified.

     If the /etc/shadow file does not exist,  this  command  will
     create  /etc/shadow  with  information from /etc/passwd. The
     command populates /etc/shadow with the  user's  login  name,
     password,  and password aging information. If password aging
     information does not exist in  /etc/passwd for a given user,
     none  will  be  added  to   /etc/shadow.  However,  the last
     changed information will always be updated.

     If the  /etc/shadow file does  exist,  the  following  tasks
     will be performed:

              Entries that are in the  /etc/passwd file  and  not
              in  the  /etc/shadow  file  will  be  added  to the
              /etc/shadow file.

              Entries that are in the  /etc/shadow file  and  not
              in  the  /etc/passwd  file  will  be  removed  from

              Password  attributes  (for  example,  password  and
              aging  information)   that  exist in an /etc/passwd
              entry will be moved to the corresponding  entry  in

     The pwconv command can only be used by the super-user.





     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWcsu                     |

     passwd(1),  passmgmt(1M),  usermod(1M),  passwd(4),   attri-

     pwconv exits with one of the following values:

     0        SUCCESS.

     1        Permission denied.

     2        Invalid command syntax.

     3        Unexpected failure.  Conversion not done.

     4        Unexpected failure.  Password file(s) missing.

     5        Password file(s) busy.  Try again later.

     6        Bad entry in /etc/shadow file.

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