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     snmpdf - get a listing of  disk  space  usage  on  a  remote
     machine by means of SNMP

     /usr/sfw/bin/snmpdf [common options] [-Cu] agent

     The snmpdf command is a networked verison of the df(1M) com-
     mand. It checks the disk space on the remote machine by exa-
     mining the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB's hrStorageTable or  the  UCD-
     SNMP-MIB's  dskTable. By default, the hrStorageTable is pre-
     ferred, as it typically contains more information  than  the
     dskTable.  However, the -Cu argument can be passed to snmpdf
     to force the usage of dskTable.

     The agent operand identifies a target SNMP agent,  which  is
     instrumented  to monitor specified objects. At its simplest,
     the agent specification consists of a host name or  an  IPv4
     address.  In this situation, the command attempts communica-
     tion with the agent using UDP/IPv4 to port 161 of the target

     See the snmpcmd(1M) manual page for a full list of the  pos-
     sible formats for agent.

     See the snmpd.conf(4) manual page for guidance on setting up
     dskTable using the disk directive in the snmpd.conf file.

     The following options are supported:

     common options

         See snmpcmd(1M) for a list of possible values for common
         options, as well as their descriptions.


         Forces the  command  to  use  dskTable  in  UCD-SNMP-MIB
         instead of the default to determine the storage informa-
         tion. Generally, the default use  of  hrStorageTable  in
         HOST-RESOURCES-MIB  is preferred because it usually con-
         tains more information than dskTable.

     Example 1: Obtaining Disk Usage of a Remote System

     The following command returns a display of the disk usage of
     a remote system.

     Description size (kB) Used     Available Used%
     /           7524587   2186910  5337677   29%
     /proc       0         0        0          0%
     /etc/mnttab 0         0        0          0%
     /var/run    1223088   32       1223056    0%
     /tmp        1289904   66848    1223056    5%
     /cache      124330    2416     121914     1%
     /vol        0         0        0          0%
     Real Memory 524288    447456   76832     85%
     Swap Space  1420296   195192   1225104   13%

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWsmcmd                   |
    | Interface Stability         | External                    |


         Successful completion.


         A usage syntax error. A usage message is displayed. Also
         used for timeout errors.


         An error occurred while executing the command. An  error
         message is displayed.

     df(1M),  snmpcmd(1M),  snmp.conf(4),  snmpd.conf(4),  attri-

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