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     snmpXwbemd - SNMP Adapter Subagent for WBEM

     /usr/sadm/lib/wbem/snmpXwbemd [-d] [-h] [-p port]

     The snmpXwbemd daemon is a subagent in the Web-Based  Enter-
     prise Management (WBEM) services package.

     This daemon maps  the  Simple  Network  Management  Protocol
     (SNMP)  requests forwarded by the Solstice Enterprise Agents
     (SEA) Master Agent snmpdx(1M) into one  or  more  equivalent
     WBEM   Common   Information   Model   (CIM)  properties  and
     instances. Further, it remaps  the  response  from  the  CIM
     Object Manager into a SNMP response, which it passes back to

     A mapping file contains the corresponding Object  Identifier
     (OID),  class name, property name, and Abstract Syntax Nota-
     tion 1 (ASN.1) type for each object.  You  can  also  create
     your own mapping file.

     The following options are supported:

     -d       Displays all debug information.

     -h       Displays help by printing the correct command  line

     -p       Specifies the port number to use.

     The following operand is supported:

     port     Specifies the port number you want to use.

     Example 1: An Example of a 050SUNWwbcou.map File

     This mapping file that Sun  Microsystems  provides  contains
     definitions of objects, in this format:

     #pragma ident    "@(#)050SUNWwbcou.map    1.0    01/04/03 SMI"
     # Copyright (c) 2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
     # All rights reserved.
     # *** Description of contents ***
     # First non-commented non-blank line contains required Version label.
     # Remaining non-commented non-blank lines are considered map entries
     # used as described below:
     # Column 1 - SNMP OID - Uniquely describes an SNMP variable
     # Column 2 - CIM Class Name - CIM class associated with this variable
     # Column 3 - CIM Property Name - CIM property that maps to SNMP OID variable
     # Column 4 - ASN.1 type - SNMP datatype that dictates how data is mapped
     #            to/from SNMP requests.  Supported types are: SnmpString, SnmpOid,
     #            SnmpTimeticks, SnmpCounter, SnmpInt, SnmpGauge, SnmpIpAddress,
     #            SnmpOpaque)
     # Column 5 and greater are ignored
     Version 1.0 Solaris_ComputerSystem Description SnmpString Solaris_OperatingSystem LastBootUpTime SnmpTimeticks Solaris_ComputerSystem PrimaryOwnerContact SnmpString Solaris_ComputerSystem Name SnmpString Solaris_OperatingSystem NumberOfUsers SnmpGauge Solaris_OperatingSystem NumberOfProcesses SnmpGauge Solaris_OperatingSystem MaxNumberOfProcesses SnmpGauge Solaris_OperatingSystem LocalDateTime SnmpString

     Each definition of an object in this file contains  an  OID,
     its corresponding CIM class name, its corresponding CIM pro-
     perty name, and its corresponding ASN.1 type. Each of  these
     elements is separated by a space character.


         The SNMP Adapter Subagent for WBEM  MIB-2  mapping  file
         that  Sun Microsystems provides contains SNMP Management
         Information Base (MIB) definitions for the  CIM  instru-
         mentation that SNMP manages.

     The following exit values are returned:

     0        Successful completion.

     1        An error occurred.

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    | ATTRIBUTE TYPE              | ATTRIBUTE VALUE             |
    | Availability                | SUNWwbcou                   |
    | CSI                         | Enabled                     |
    | Interface Stability         | Evolving                    |
    | MT-Level                    | Safe                        |

     snmpdx(1M), attributes(5)

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