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     vold - Volume Management daemon to  manage  removable  media

     /usr/sbin/vold [-n] [-t] [-v] [-f config-file] [-l log-file]
     [-d root-dir] [-L debug-level]

     The Volume Management daemon, vold, creates and maintains  a
     file  system image rooted at root-dir that contains symbolic
     names for removable media  devices.  These  devices  include
     CD-R,  CD-RW,  floppies,  DVD, and USB and 1394 mass storage
     devices. The default root-dir is set to /vol if no directory
     is specified by the -d option.

     vold  reads  the  /etc/vold.conf  configuration  file   upon
     startup.  If  the configuration file is modified later, vold
     must be told to reread the /etc/vold.conf  file.  Accomplish
     this rereading by entering:

     example# svcadm refresh volfs

     To tell vold to clean up and exit, enter:

     example# svcadm disable volfs

     To reenable:

     example# svcadm enable volfs

     To specify options (see OPTIONS):

     example# svccfg
     svc:> select volfs
     svc:/system/filesystem/volfs> listprop vold/*
     vold/config_file            astring
     vold/log_debuglevel         count    0
     vold/log_file               astring
     vold/log_nfs_trace          boolean  false
     vold/log_verbose            boolean  false
     vold/never_writeback_label  boolean  false
     vold/root_dir               astring
     svc:/system/filesystem/volfs> setprop vold/never_writeback_label=true
     svc:/system/filesystem/volfs> exit

     # svcadm disable volfs
     # svcadm enable volfs

     vold is hotplug-aware for USB and 1394 mass storage devices,
     thus  there  is no need for stopping and restarting vold. It
     is recommended to eject(1) the "media" before hot-removing a
     device.  The  eject command unmounts any filesystems mounted
     from the media, making it safe to remove the  device.  (Note
     that  all  USB  and 1394 devices, regardless of whether they
     contain removable media, are treated  like  removable  media

     The following options are supported:

     -n              Never writeback. Volume  Management  updates
                     media  labels  with  unique  information  if
                     labels  are  not  unique.  This  flag  keeps
                     Volume  Management from changing your media.
                     The default setting is FALSE.

     -t              Dump NFS trace information to the log  file.
                     The default setting is FALSE.

     -v              Provide lots of status  information  to  the
                     log  file.  The default setting is FALSE (do
                     not provide status info to log file).

     -d root-dir     Specify an  alternate  root  directory.  The
                     default  location is /vol. Setting this will
                     also cause other Volume Management utilities
                     to use this as the default root directory.

     -f config-file  Specify an alternate configuration file. The
                     default file is /etc/vold.conf.

     -l log-file     Specify an alternate log file.  The  default
                     log file is /var/adm/vold.log.

     -L debug-level  Change the level (verbosity) of  debug  mes-
                     sages  sent  to the log file. The range is 0
                     to 99 where 0 is nothing and  99  is  every-
                     thing.  The default level is 0.

     vold sets the following environment variables  to  aid  pro-
     grams  which  are called when events such as insert, notify,
     and eject occur:

     VOLUME_ACTION           Event that caused this program to be

     VOLUME_PATH             Pathname of the matched  regex  from
                             the vold.conf file.

     VOLUME_DEVICE           Device (in /vol/dev) that applies to
                             the media.

     VOLUME_NAME             Name of the volume in question.

     VOLUME_USER             User ID  of  the  user  causing  the
                             event to occur.

     VOLUME_SYMNAME          Symbolic name of a device containing
                             the volume.

     VOLUME_MEDIATYPE        Name of the type of  media  (CD-ROM,
                             floppy or rmdisk)

     /etc/vold.conf          Volume Management daemon  configura-
                             tion   file.   Directs   the  Volume
                             Management daemon to control certain
                             devices,  and causes events to occur
                             when specific criteria are met.

     /usr/lib/vold/*.so.1    Shared  objects  called  by   Volume
                             Management   daemon   when   certain
                             actions occur.

     /var/adm/vold.log       the default log file  location  (see
                             the -l option for a description).

     /vol                    the default Volume  Management  root

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWvolu, SUNWvolr          |

     volcancel(1),   volcheck(1),   volmissing(1),   rmmount(1M),
     rpc.smserverd(1M),   rmmount.conf(4),  vold.conf(4),  attri-
     butes(5), smf(5), volfs(7FS), usb(7D), scsa1394(7D)

     System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

     The Volume Management daemon and associated  commands  might
     not be included in a future Solaris release.

Man pages from Solaris 10 Update 8. See docs.sun.com and www.oracle.com for further documentation and Solaris information.