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     wbemlogviewer - start WBEM Log Viewer


     The wbemlogviewer utility starts the WBEM Log Viewer graphi-
     cal user interface, which enables administrators to view and
     maintain log records created by WBEM clients and  providers.
     The  WBEM  Log  Viewer displays a Login dialog box. You must
     log in as root or a user with write access to the root\cimv2
     namespace  to  view  and  maintain log files. Namespaces are
     described in wbemadmin(1M).

     Log events can have three severity levels.

       o  Errors

       o  Warnings

       o  Informational

     The WBEM log  file  is  created  in  the  /var/sadm/wbem/log
     directory,  with  the  name wbem_log. The first time the log
     file is backed up, it  is  renamed  wbem_log.1,  and  a  new
     wbem_log  file is created. Each succeeding time the wbem_log
     file is backed up, the file extension number of each  backup
     log  file  is increased by 1, and the oldest backup log file
     is removed if the limit, which in turn is specified  in  the
     log service settings, on the number of logfiles is exceeded.
     Older backup files have higher file extension  numbers  than
     more recent backup files.

     The log file is renamed with a .1 file extension  and  saved
     when one of the following two conditions occur:

       o  The current file reaches the specified file size limit.

       o  A WBEM client application uses the clearLog() method in
          the  Solaris_LogService  class to clear the current log

       o  A WBEM client application uses the clearLog() method in
          the  Solaris_LogService  class to clear the current log

       o  A user chooses Action->Back Up Now in  the  Log  Viewer

     Help is displayed in the left panel of each dialog box. Con-
     text help is not displayed in the main Log Viewer window.

     The WBEM Log Viewer  is  not  the  tool  for  a  distributed
     environment. It is used for local administration.

     The WBEM Log Viewer allows  you  to  perform  the  following

     View the logs

     Set properties of log fiClick Action->Log File  Settings  to
                             specify  log file parameters and the
                             log file directory.

     Back up a log file      Click Action->Back Up Now to back up
                             and  close  the current log file and
                             start a new log file.

     Open historical log fileClick Action->Open Log File to  open
                             a backed-up log file.

     Delete an old log file  Open  the  file   and   then   click
                             Action->Delete  Log  File.  You  can
                             only delete backed-up log files.

     View log record details Double-click a log  entry  or  click
                             View->Log  Entry  Details to display
                             the details of a log record.

     Sort the logs           Click   View->Sort   By   to    sort
                             displayed   entries.  You  can  also
                             click any column heading to sort the
                             list.  By  default,  the log entries
                             are displayed in reverse chronologi-
                             cal order (new logs first).

     The wbemlogviewer utility terminates with exit status 0.


         WBEM log file

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWwbcor                   |

     wbemadmin(1M), init.wbem(1M), mofcomp(1M), attributes(5)

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